How to Find and Hire the Perfect Contractor To Build Your House

what-to-expect2Some people prefer to buy a house that’s pre-built, but they don’t know how it was done or what materials the contractors have used. All they see is the general aspect and the size of the house. Alternatively, there are also people who prefer to have their houses built from scratch on a piece of land that they own, and in this situation, they are the ones who have more to gain.

The reason behind this is simple – when you have your house built from scratch, you are able to see all the steps that are undertaken for finishing the project. You will be directly involved in making the decisions and you will be able to change something if you don’t like it.

Because of this, you’d better look for a specialized contractor to build your house, someone who has plenty of experience and knows the process thoroughly. Let’s learn how you can find and hire a contractor in just a few easy steps.

Look Online

This is the first step you should make, because every big contractor will have their very own website where they present some of the most important details and some interesting things about themselves. It’s an easy way to make a list with a few contractors and take their contact details for a later time. Make sure you get someone who has worked in your area or in the area that you plan to build, because you’ll be able to see some of their past projects or portfolio.


Once you’ve made a list,and you’ve seen their past portfolio, it’s time to move forward. Be sure to ask around from your friends or neighbors, if they can recommend someone and give you their contact information – sometimes people know a good contractor or they have had their house built by someone who can also help you out.

Give each of them a call and set up a meeting.

The Meeting

contractorWhen you’re meeting with them, there are two possible scenarios – you might already have the blueprints from an architect, and all you need for them to do is build the house, or you might have nothing, and you need everything done from scratch. No matter what the situation is, make sure you tell them exactly what you want them to do and how. It’s the best way to proceed for a first meeting, because you will be able to determine which one will be more appropriate for your needs. 

If you see that the person you’re talking with is hesitating or doesn’t have answers for your questions, maybe it’s time to look for someone else. A contractor who has been in the business for a long time should be able to give clear answers and clear explanations no matter what kind of questions you may ask.


Based on your needs, it’s better to ask for an estimate on the project price. This will help determine if you can fit it in your budget or not. Don’t go with someone who is extremely expensive, and also don’t choose someone who offers you a very low price. Ideally, you’ll pick someone who is in between on the price scale. It’s worth mentioning that the most expensive project price does not necessarily mean you’ll be getting the best work. Likewise, the most affordable price doesn’t mean you’ll be getting the cheapest quality either. 

The estimate should also contain the details of the project – you’ll need to know how much time the entire building process will take, what materials they will use, who will clean up after the project is finished and so on.


In the end, when you’ve decided on someone in particular, be sure you sign a contract that specifies all the details that you’ve agreed on, starting with the quantity and quality of the materials used, and ending with who will clean up, along with the warranty and anything else that you might think of. If you’re not sure about it, ask a lawyer to go through your contract and tell you what needs to be specified.